I have unpaid bills that AmCare has not paid. How do I file these claims?

We are currently working to have a Proof Of Claim, (POC),  form approved by the courts as quickly as we can.  We estimate this will occur sometime in March, 2003.  Once approved, a Notice Of the POC will be mailed to potential claimants.  The POC will also be available for download on this site.  Directions for completing and submitting the POC will be included with the form.

Do I have to file a claim if I have already filed my claims with AmCare?

Yes.  Because of the problems with the AmCare claims processing system, all people seeking payment for outstanding claims must submit their outstanding claims with a Proof Of Claim form.

How can I get a POC for filing my claims?

Potential claimants can follow the instructions received on their Notice Of Proof Of Claim form received in the mail.  Also, this web site will have a POC form which can be printed and used to submit your outstanding claims.  Directions for completing and submitting the POC will be included with the form.

What happens after I submit my Proof of Claim (POC) and bills?

Claims will be accepted until the claim filing deadline, which is currently unknown.  After all claims have been presented and adjudicated you will receive a notification regarding the claim status.  However, payment of claims or a distribution can not take place until all assets have been collected.  Since some of the asset recovery activity involves litigation and court actions this could be a lengthy process.  At this time we can not predict when an initial distribution of assets may occur.  The Special Deputy Receiver and her staff realize the hardship resulting from this failure of AmCare, and are doing everything possible to maximize assets recovery in order to make distributions as quickly as possible.

Is there a state Guaranty Association that will pay AmCare claims?

No.  AmCare Health Plans of Texas is an HMO, and is not eligible for funds from the Guaranty Fund.

Where can I get copies of approved court orders relating to the AmCare Receivership?

This web site has copies of the various approved orders relating to the AmCare Receivership.